Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Return of Son of 3PO!!!

On Saturday, September 22, the year of discord 2007, Three Penny Opry gets back to doin' what it always did best: giving you modern music in touch with its roots.

This time, it's a leaner, hungrier show. Two hours tops. You're in, you're out, your head is spinning, heart's brimming... YOU WANT MORE. The show starts at 8pm, 8:05 at the latest. If you're not there, you miss out on a song or two. It ends at 10pm, 10:05 at the latest. You want to hang afterwards and swap songs, fantastic. Everybody who doesn't want to commit a huge chunk of their overtaxed weekends can go home, humming, drumming, and eager to come back.

Mike Strasser will play first. He came into Moondog's with Anne Feeney and the otherwise oblivious crowd hung on his every phrase. He's been in Sacramento for 28 years, but he's a 'Burgh native, and we're lucky to have him back.

Then Jack Erdie will play with his band, The Insubordinates. Most of you haven't heard the Insubs since the release party for Jack's Pumpkin CD. They fully intend to rock the house in a rootsy way, with a surprising cover song.

As always, there'll be a $5 suggested donation, but feel free to give more. How much has music done for you???

Come out and help start the new season off proper. We promise to make it a night for you to remember, and want to relive.


Anonymous Josh hall said...

I'm interested in coming out and playing, but is this still an open mic idea?

Thanks - Josh Hall -

12:48 PM  

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